How Much Prison Time Could Jack Jones Face? Defense Attorney Explains

'He's charged with some very serious firearm charges'

New England Patriots cornerback Jack Jones will soon learn more about his fate in court after being arrested at Logan Airport in Boston last Friday for alleged possession of two firearms.

Jones, 25, appeared in East Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to nine firearms-related charges, posting a $30,000 bail afterward. However, Jones’ battle with the legal proceedings following the incident is far from over. He’s still facing a potentially lengthy prison sentence if convicted due to Massachusetts’ strict gun policy, which defense attorney Ben Urbelis explained during a discussion with NESN’s Meredith Gorman.

“He’s charged with some very serious firearm charges, the most serious being the possession or carrying of a large capacity feeding device, which is basically what was attached to the firearm — allegedly — is a feeding device that’s capable of carrying at least 10 rounds,” Urbelis told Gorman. “That carries a — if convicted — mandatory prison sentence from 2 1/2 years up to 10 years.”

You can watch Urbelis’ full breakdown with NESN, here:

It remains unknown how the Patriots, who selected Jones in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL draft, will address the situation after reportedly feeling “livid” when the news surfaced. This, however, isn’t the first time Jones has been at the center of controversy due to an off-field issue.

Jones’ problematic behavioral conduct dates back to his collegiate days at University of Southern California and Arizona State and carried over to the NFL level when he was suspended by the Patriots following a confrontation with head coach Bill Belichick.

Now, it’s up to Jones’ legal team to guide him moving forward.

“Having heard from his attorney outside of court today, I think that the defense is that he didn’t know that these guns were in his bag,” Urbelis explained. “I think that a reasonable person can say, ‘Well, that makes sense because who the heck would put a bag up on the carousel to be checked if it was loaded with high-capacity firearms?’ So, it looks like the knowledge element, which needs to be proven by the government beyond a reasonable doubt, is gonna be what they’re attacking.”

Jones is due back in court on Aug. 18, a day before New England’s preseason matchup with the Green Bay Packers.