The New England Patriots once again had a fourth-down play end the game in losing fashion in Week 2 as the Miami Dolphins left Gillette Stadium with a 24-17 win.

On fourth-and-four in Miami territory, Mac Jones threw a short pass to Mike Gesicki. As the tight end was being tackled short of the markers, he lateraled the ball to guard Cole Strange, who appeared to cross the 29-yard line for a first down for the Patriots. The play was instead reviewed and overturned, clinching the win for the Dolphins.

On the NBC broadcast, former NFL referee and TV rules analyst Terry McAulay explained why the play was overturned from the call on the field.

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“As we looked at it, our camera was exactly down the line,” McAulay explained on the NBC broadcast. “When the knee hit, which is the crucial point, the ball was clearly between the 30 and the 31. There really was enough. In my mind, it was clear and obvious that it was indeed short of the line to gain.”

Another contributing factor to the review came when Strange’s elbow hit the ground after his knee on the Gillette Stadium turf.

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“What sold it for me was after the knee hit, his elbow comes down, which looks like it was on exactly the 29,” McAulay added. “As he keeps coming down, that elbow is going to be on the 29. That hash there is where the elbow came down. If you take a straight line, the ball has to be short of that point.”

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The play marked the second straight week where the Patriots lost a game at home in the final moments with the offense inches away from a crucial fourth-down conversion.

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