Ernie Adams served in a multitude of roles for the New England Patriots across his two-decade stint with the organization, so it’s safe to assume he knows where the bodies are buried.

He just isn’t telling.

It doesn’t matter who’s asking, either. That much became clear recently, as “The Dynasty: New England Patriots” director Matthew Hamachek shared a pointed quote from the ex-football researcher in an appearance on “Up & Adams with Kay Adams.”

“There’s certain things I’ll be taking to the grave with me,” Ernie Adams told Hamachek when asked about the Spygate scandal.

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That would make Ernie Adams what the kids call a “real one.”

It isn’t a totally surprising response from the 70-year-old, who likely knows everything there is to know about everything in the Patriots’ dynasty. The first Super Bowl win? He was there. Spygate? He was there. Deflategate? He was there. Tom Brady’s entire tenure from start to finish? He was there. There’s a line that won’t be crossed, however, and it’s a clear one for the man who ended up giving 15 hours worth of interviews for the documentary.

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The documentary, even without some of the secrets Adams plans on taking to his grave, promises to be an intriguing one. It should help paint the picture of everything that went into the Patriots’ unbelievable 20-year run. The good, the bad and the ugly.

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