The NHL trade deadline is coming into view for the Bruins with Boston having a little over a week to pull off a deal.

But even with the deadline’s proximity, it isn’t currently top of mind for Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery. And he seems to prefer it that way.

“My focus is really just on our group,” Montgomery told reporters following practice Wednesday at Warrior Ice Arena, per team-provided video. “I don’t concern myself with that. When you have the confidence in upper management like we do and we think our management group is elite, we just let them do their jobs and we focus on ours.”

The rumors and speculation swirling around the trade deadline about possible trades can engulf a locker room. But Montgomery feels those inside the Bruins locker room are prioritizing stopping Boston’s three-game skid — those losses came in either overtime or the shootout — instead of chatting about what-ifs.

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“I haven’t heard anything,” Montgomery said of talk between his own players. “And I think as a staff we communicate a lot with the players and the leaders, and there hasn’t been any feedback of that. I don’t think that has been a real issue for our group. We’re more concerned about our team play.”

Montgomery’s approach to the trade deadline isn’t unique. It’s the first time veteran winger Brad Marchand has been captain of the Bruins for a trade deadline, but his message to his teammates echoed Montgomery.

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“The biggest thing is that it’s hard when you start worrying about things that are out of your control,” Marchand told reporters, per team-provided video. “You never really know how things are going to play out. But the biggest thing is just trying to focus again on being here, enjoying every day. The biggest thing is just trying not to get caught up in it. We have enough to worry about outside of that.

“The more you let your mind wander, the tougher you make it on yourself. It’s about trying to stay within the game, within the room. Not worrying about too much outside attention, media attention. It does get tough because there’s a lot of chatter about it, but just got to stay away from it.”

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