The Boston Red Sox have totally flipped the future of their minor league production over the last few seasons, bringing what was once the bottom-ranked system in the sport into a new pipeline of talent.

Last summer, The Athletic’s ranked four Boston prospects among the top 50 in baseball. While assessing the sport ahead of the 2024 season, Law ranked the Red Sox as the eighth-best farm system in the sport. With a bright future of position players headlined by outfielder Roman Anthony, catcher Kyle Teel and shortstop Marcelo Mayer, Boston has the foundational prospects to elevate a young core at the big league level.

Here’s what Law had to say about Boston’s farm system in 2024:

“The Red Sox’s system had a hell of a 2023, even with their top guy (Marcelo Mayer) getting hurt again,” Law wrote in Friday’s rankings. “Roman Anthony is one of the big development success stories in all of the minors, with a remade swing that’s one of the best in the minors and the team’s recognition that he was too good for Low-A even when he wasn’t performing stat-wise. Their 2023 draft worked out better than they might have hoped, with Kyle Teel falling to their first pick and then the very high-upside athlete Nazzan Zanetello coming with their second pick.”

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No doubt about it, the Red Sox have an overflow of talented bats skyrocketing through the minors. Law noted that the system has room for improvement and will greatly benefit from adding greater pitching depth as Boston’s ratio of hitting prospects to arms is far from equal.

The hope is that Boston’s pitching philosophies with several new minds will facilitate through the farm system to internally improve.

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Before another exciting year of development in the minors, the Red Sox will get an early look at their top talent during MLB’s inaugural Spring Breakout during sprint training in March.

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