Kevin Garnett knows what the the NBA All-Star Game is all about. After all, the Boston Celtics great played in the exhibition event 15 times in his Hall of Fame career.

But Garnett loathes the current state of that game, which has turned into nothing more than players jogging up and down the floor, jacking up shots with absolutely zero resistance.

The All-Star Game has become a terrible product and Garnett voiced his frustrations about it while sounding like most NBA fans.

“We just want to see a real game,” Garnett said on the “Ticket and The Truth” podcast with Paul Pierce. “Told you bro, this ain’t no real game, though, and the players are the only thing that can change this.”

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Garnett was just getting heated up as he told a story about what Michael Jordan said before the 1988 All-Star Game played in Chicago.

“For all the players out there,” Garnett started, “Mike Jordan came into Chicago and told every (expletive) in the Chicago locker room, ‘Hey look, this Chicago. If you (expletives) don’t want to play, sit the (expletive) down. We ain’t finna give this product to the people of Chicago that come out and pay their hard earned money to watch the All-Star Game. Ya’ll sit the (expletive) down.'”

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No NBA star now would be willing to rock the boat like that to get some actual effort in an exhibition setting.

Garnett wants to see more passion when the league’s biggest stars share the floor for one night. He knows changes have to be made and Garnett’s standing just might be enough to get the ball rolling on it.

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