Scott Pioli was far too familiar with Tom Brady’s legendary capabilities from his time with the New England Patriots.

Brady played for his fifth championship in Super Bowl 51 when the Patriots met the Atlanta Falcons after the 2016 season. That game obviously started off great for Atlanta, jumping out to a 21-3 halftime lead that extended to a 28-3 lead late in the third quarter.

Members of the Falcons front office were loving what they saw on the field, but Pioli refused to settle in, knowing there was a quarterback on the other sideline that could turn the game around for the Patriots. The 58-year-old recalled his feelings of the game on the newest episode of “The Dynasty” documentary.

“When we were up 28-3, I’m watching the game, we had a suite with the entire personnel department,” Pioli shared in the episode. “All the folks I’m working with, they were high-fiving, it’s out of control. But I was amiss. I felt this nervousness. And as I’m sitting there, someone slaps my back and says, ‘Come on, Scott. Lighten up. You gotta enjoy this moment.’ I just erupted. I whipped around, and I said, ‘You (expletive) people just don’t get it. That guy across the field, No. 12, is Freddy (expletive) Krueger. He’s coming back, and he’s gonna get a bunch of us. I just hope he doesn’t get us all.'”

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Just as Pioli predicted, Brady did indeed lead the Patriots on the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. New England tied the game at 28 in the final minutes before conducting a final touchdown drive in overtime, the first such game in Super Bowl history, to win a 34-28 thriller and the Patriots’ fifth championship.

Pioli’s story is the latest example of how many figures around the NFL withhold their doubts of Brady with the Patriots.

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The final two episodes of “The Dynasty” highlighting the Patriots will be released next week on Apple TV+.

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