Bill Belichick constantly found ways to keep his teams motivated during his historic 24-year run with the New England Patriots.

Some of his methods were better than others on the way to six Super Bowl titles.

On an episode of the “Let’s Go” Podcast with Jim Gray and Tom Brady, Julian Edelman recalled a particular motivator that didn’t exactly go Belichick’s way, to the point that receiver Randy Moss took the chance to have some fun with the New England head coach.

“(Belichick) laid out an hour-long presentation on why Tiger Woods is Tigers (expletive) Woods,” Edelman shared. “(He said), ‘You guys are out in Vegas in the offseason. This guy is out hitting his seven iron. He’s at the green putting.'”

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During the time between the meeting and the next phase of practice, Woods had been going through various struggles in his professional and personal life. With the news going public, Moss made sure to remind Belichick of his presentation at practice.

“All of the sudden, you here out of left field, ‘Hey Bill!'” Edelman added. “He knew exactly what it was. ‘How about Tiger (expletive) Woods?'”

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“Belichick got Moss’d,” Gray said.

While Brady, Moss and Edelman had plenty of memories winning on the field with the Patriots, such memories involving Belichick also stand out. After parting ways with the Patriots, Belichick continues to seek his next football home.

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