Jaylen Brown scored 25 points as the Boston Celtics rolled past the Dallas Mavericks, 138-110, on Friday night at TD Garden.

Going 11-for-20 from the field including two from downtown, Brown had a highlight reel shot when he dropped a 360 layup with an acrobat finish over Mavericks center Derek Lively II.

“JB has these moments where you’re kind of holding your breath,” Kristaps Porzingis said, as seen on NBC Sports Boston. “Like, what’s he doing? What is this gonna be? This was one of those moments. This is a JB play. (He) goes up 360, and still shoots it.

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“Doesn’t even try to pass or something to get out of trouble. Just shoots it and makes it. To be honest, from our angle from the bench that looked insane. I don’t know if you have a clip of our reaction, but the bench reaction was top three this season for sure.”

Brown may have knocked down the shot, but the Celtics guard said it wasn’t something he planned.

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“I have no idea what made me do that,” Brown told reporters, per the team. “Still a head-scratcher. If I had missed it, it probably would’ve looked bad. When you got the ability to jump and you got some hangtime, you got a split second, a little extra time to make a decision. I still had some time in the air, and I just flipped it up with my left.”

The Celtics star added seven rebounds, five assists and one steal in the game to help lead Boston past Dallas.

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Boston has won 10 straight games since the All-Star break, for the first time since 2019. The Celtics are back in action on Sunday when they host the Golden State Warriors for their second and final meeting this season. Boston lost the first matchup 132-126 in overtime to Golden State on Dec. 19.

Featured image via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images