One of the 10 episodes in “The Dynasty” focuses on the late Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots standout who was charged with first-degree murder before what was supposed to be his fourth season in New England.

The episode features soundbites from several former Patriots colleagues of Hernandez, including Robert and Jonathan Kraft, Ernie Adams, Wes Welker and Deion Branch.

Someone was noticeably absent from the sixth installment of the AppleTV+ docuseries, though.

Tom Brady didn’t appear in the Hernandez episode for a single second, even though the legendary quarterback shared a Patriots locker room with the former tight end for three seasons. Speaking with MassLive, “The Dynasty” director Matthew Hamachek revealed why Brady didn’t offer any comments about his troubled ex-teammate.

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“I didn’t ask him about it,” Hamachek told MassLive. “Part of it is, you’ve got three hours with people, and you have to pick and choose where you’re going to focus your questions on and I did not ask Tom Brady about (Hernandez).

“You have to make a choice every time you’re interviewing somebody, like, what are you going to ask?” he added. “And so if I had to make the choice between asking him about Aaron Hernandez, or asking him about the Deflategate, I was going to lean toward Deflategate. I thought that was the thing that he needed to have a chance to respond to because obviously that is about him.”

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It sure feels like Brady and/or his team made sure the six-time Super Bowl champion didn’t field any Hernandez questions. Sure, Deflategate might have been a more pressing taking point for Brady, but he didn’t really say anything about that controversy in the series either.

It’s easy to understand why Brady didn’t want to talk about Hernandez, but let’s not act like it wasn’t among the most important subjects for the pillar of the franchise.

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