Neal Shipley had quite a weekend at Augusta National.

Not only did the 22-year-old finish as the low amateur in the 2024 Masters. He also played with Tiger Woods during the final round.

And he became a viral sensation, for better or worse.

Shipley’s post-round press conference Sunday ended in rather awkward fashion after a reporter asked him a question regarding a specific exchange he allegedly had with Woods.

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“I saw one fairway — a fairway — he wrote something and handed you a note,” the reporter said. “What was that about?”

Shipley, clearly uncomfortable with the question, looked off camera before replying, “No, he didn’t.”

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When further pressed on the issue, Shipley added, “No, no. That didn’t happen.”

To watch the strange back-and-forth, click here.

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Maybe the reporter’s eyes played tricks on him. Or maybe Woods passed Shipley a note that they’d like to keep confidential.

Either way, it was a weird way to end an unforgettable weekend for Shipley, especially when coupled with the meme-worthy side eye the young golfer dropped while doing a post-tournament interview alongside Masters champion Scottie Scheffler and 2023 winner Jon Rahm in Butler Cabin.

Featured image via Adam Cairns/USA TODAY Sports Images