BOSTON — Losing Trevor Story for the season marks a massive blow to the Boston Red Sox, specifically for a team that needs defensive stability.

Story will have surgery on Friday to repair his injured shoulder. That currently leaves Romy Gonzalez and David Hamilton to platoon at shortstop. Boston struggled without Story there in the home opener, making several defensive mistakes, including two errors, in a loss to the Baltimore Orioles.

After Story, Ceddanne Rafaela is likely Boston’s best defender. His glove and range in center field are game-changing, though the 23-year-old can be rather versatile. That aspect has begged the question in recent days: is Rafaela the best option at shortstop right now for the Red Sox?

If his number gets called, he’s ready to boost the Red Sox wherever he can.

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“I think wherever they think I can help the team, I’m pretty confident that I can do it,” Rafaela told reporters at Fenway Park on Wednesday. “It’s not hard for me to come back to the infield or go back to the outfield. If they feel I can play shortstop, I will do it and give 100% like I do every day.”

For now, the current platoon will take the majority of the reps, while Alex Cora could sprinkle Rafaela in when needed.

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“He’s my center fielder,” Cora shared before the game on Wednesday. “Sometimes, he’s gonna play shortstop.”

The Red Sox move forward, relying on athleticism and versatility among the current roster.

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