After Bill Belichick didn’t claim a seat in the game of NFL musical chairs this past winter, a narrative quickly developed indicating the New England Patriots legend would be one of the most sought-after coaching candidates next year.

Well, that might not be the case. Even the ever-confident Belichick himself might be a bit wary about his future in the league.

In a wide-ranging column published Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham and Jeremy Fowler detailed Belichick’s separation from the Patriots, foray into coaching free agency and potential next steps. Included was a nugget about an expectation established within his inner circle about coaching prospects for the future.

“He has told confidants he thinks he’ll get at least one interview next year,” the ESPN scribes wrote.

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Those around Belichick apparently are similarly pessimistic about the future Pro Football Hall of Famer’s chances of patrolling an NFL sideline again. A “longtime friend” of Belichick told ESPN he doesn’t think the eight-time Super Bowl champion will coach in the league again unless it’s for Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys.

There was a time not too long ago when NFL teams would have bent over backward to have Belichick run their franchise. But perceptions rapidly change in the league, and Belichick clearly is nowhere near as revered as he used to be.

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