The Patriots enter a new era with Jerod Mayo and Drake Maye as the new head coach-quarterback duo, but in the world of the NFL, patience is thin.

NESN’s Travis Thomas and George Balekji on the Friday edition of “Boston Has Entered The Chat” answered a fan email that asked how many years they are giving Mayo and Maye before they determine if New England’s moves were a success or a failure.

“I would say minimum, I need to see by Year 3, playoff success, and Drake Maye, if you believe in him, give him that second contract and they’re contenders in the AFC,” Balekji said. “Three to five years is how many years until it’s a success.”

Thomas highlighted how the AFC East could fracture and give New England a chance to reclaim its throne atop of the division. However, he pushed back on the idea of waiting five years given the desire of teams wanting to win now.

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Balekji noted the Patriots could follow the Houston Texans’ model and gradually become a playoff contender. They both agreed that if Maye guides New England to a Super Bowl, then all else doesn’t matter and its a success for the Patriots.

You can catch the segment and more from “Boston Has Entered The Chat” in the embedded video above.

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