New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo didn’t mince his words last week when asked about his initial impression of quarterback Drake Maye — saying he believed the rookie has “a lot to work on.”

Plaxico Burress (yes, that Plaxico Burress) decided Mayo’s words meant a whole lot more than what we heard on the surface level and fired off a take on “The Carton Show” on Monday.

“That doesn’t sound good to me if I’m Jerod Mayo and the fans of the New England Patriots,” Burress said. “Basically what you’re saying is that ‘we might have drafted the wrong guy. We are just going to paint this picture right now, he may not be as good as we thought he was coming out.'”

NESN’s Travis Thomas and George Balekji analyzed the topic on the “Foxboro Rush” podcast Wednesday morning. Thomas and Balekji also discussed the NFL’s implementation of the Rooney Rule, the Patriots’ hire of Eliot Wolf and just how good of a football analyst Tom Brady will be.

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It’s safe to say the boys didn’t agree with the Super Bowl XLII hero/Patriots villain.

You can check out the full “Foxboro Rush” episode in the YouTube video embedded above.

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