NFL Odds: Riding Momentum Of Underdogs In Week 14

Will Jake Browning do it again?


Dec 6, 2023

We don’t want to overreact to the NFL’s happenings from Week 13, but we might go ahead and do it anyway.

There’s no fun in playing it safe, after all.

If you’ve been following along, you’d know we’re coming off a bad week. In fact, we went 0-3 as surprise performances dug us into multiple holes we weren’t able to crawl out of. In an effort to rebound, we’re riding the fence between overreacting and sticking to our guns.

Let’s dive into Week 14 NFL underdog picks, with prices courtesy of the live odds page.

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(+3) Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns
This is a classic example of sportsbooks overreacting, as Trevor Lawrence’s injury from “Monday Night Football” had them account for what is around a six-point switch on this line.

It’s unlikely we see Lawrence return this week, but let’s not forget the Browns are trotting Joe Flacco out there to play quarterback Sunday. The Jaguars are still the better team, so this will just come down to whether or not C.J. Beathard can avoid disaster.

We trust he can.

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(+1) Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianapolis Colts
You remember that whole “Monday Night Football” thing we just talked about? This is the second biggest story coming out of it, as Jake Browning looked tremendous filling in for Joe Burrow and led the Bengals to a win.

He should be able to do it again in a matchup with the Colts.

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(+3.5) Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys
We told you we’d be sticking to our guns.

The Eagles lost last weekend and are in the midst of a brutal stretch in their schedule, but there are some games that you can see the outcome before it happens. This is one of them, as the Cowboys just love losing these matchups. Give us Philly, if not only for the takes to come about Dallas afterward.

Season Record: 24-15

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