Hobbling Dustin Pedroia Takes Grounders From His Knees Before Wednesday’s Game


Hobbling Dustin Pedroia Takes Grounders From His Knees Before Wednesday's Game You can’t keep a good man down.

Dustin Pedroia, who is expected to miss six weeks with a broken left foot, was taking ground balls Wednesday afternoon before the Red Sox’ game against the Rays. Advised to keep weight off the foot for three weeks, Pedroia stayed on his knees throughout the exercise.

“I am so bored, I have nothing to do,” Pedroia said during the drills. “This is all I have to do, I gotta keep my arm in shape.”

Complete with a boot and crutches, the Sox second baseman fielded a few grounders before hobbling off the field into the dugout. On Red Sox GameDay Live, NESN’s Tom Caron and Jim Rice commented on Pedroia’s dedication to the Sox, even while sidelined on the DL.

“It’s that energy that’s such an important part of the clubhouse,” TC stated during the broadcast. “Pedroia’s not the kind of guy to sit back. I don’t think it’s in his DNA to sit back for very long.”

Check out the video below to watch Pedroia field grounders from his knees.

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