Bruins Can’t Worry About Big Picture in Attempt to Climb Back Up Eastern Conference Standings


Sometimes, you just have to simplify things, and that may be just what the Bruins need to do right now. And in the midst of an ugly 3-7-0 start to the season, it may be time for the B's to sharpen their focus moving forward.

B's coach Claude Julien spoke at practice on Monday about the importance of staying focused not on the big picture, but instead focusing on the smaller things in order to get their game right. Julien said that if the B's look at the big picture, the task of getting back into the Eastern Conference race will only appear more daunting.

NESN's Jack Edwards took that sentiment even further. He agreed that Boston needs to worry about the small things and emphasize smaller victories. The Bruins, he said, must focus on winning every shift and that should help produce results.

See more in the video above from NESN Daily.

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