NBA Fans Among Losers in Lockout Mess As ‘Hard-Headed’ Owners, Players Still Far Apart

There was plenty to be learned from the NFL lockout earlier this year, but apparently, the NBA wasn't paying close enough attention.

Commissioner David Stern announced Monday night the the league is being forced to cancel the first two weeks of its season with no end to the lockout in sight. 

The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn discussed the NBA's labor mess on NESN Daily, and he said that the fans are among the biggest losers in this labor dispute. Washburn pointed out that the NFL was able to salvage its labor dispute in time for a full season to be played and win its fans back in the process. Now, as the NBA owners and players bicker over millions and lose games at the same time, it's the fans who end up losing out.

See more in the video above.

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