Theo Epstein Likely in Interesting Position As Red Sox, Cubs Continue Game of Negotiations


By now it seems that Theo Epstein is all but certainly going to become the next general manager of the Chicago Cubs. For that to happen, the Red Sox and Cubs have to finally come to terms on compensation as the GM has a year left on his contract in Boston.

However, those talks aren't progressing very quickly, according to The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo who checked in on NESN Daily from Chicago. Cafardo said that the two teams are still trying to figure out that compensation package, and both sides are likely going to want to get a deal done before the World Series begins so they can get their offseasons under way.

Cafardo also pointed out that Epstein is in an interesting position right now. On one hand, he probably wants to get this deal done as soon as possible, but at the same time, he had to be mindful of what his soon-to-be new team is giving up in terms of compensation.

See the video above for more of Cafardo's breakdown of the situation with NESN's Dara McIntosh.

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