NHL Should Just Employ Figure Skaters If It Wants to Add Extra Legislation to Protect Goalies


You wouldn't expect a figure skater to have to deal with a heavy check from an NHL defenseman, so why should an NHL defenseman have to deal with a fellow hockey player being treated like a figure skater?

You may not have the same thought, but you're not Jack Edwards. NESN's Bruins play-by-play man tackled the issue of goaltender protection, after the "hue and cry" of Brendan Shanahan's decision to not suspend Milan Lucic and the general managers voting that he should have.

"So, reading the tea leaves, there's probably some legislation coming to create a [air quotes] 'safety zone' for goalies," Edwards said in his video blog. "Fine. How about making it as small as possible, say, inside the faceoff circles, only up to the hash marks in the defensive zone?"

If it's any bigger, the NHL may need to invest in a supply of skates with toe picks and "an ample supply of false eyelashes."

See it all make sense in Jack's video above.

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