Pavel Datsyuk Proves to Be ‘Show Stopper’ With Role in Ending Bruins’ 10-Game Win Streak


Ouch. The Bruins had their second straight game go to a shootout, but were unable to emerge victorious from this one, as the Detroit Red Wings snap the B's 10-game winning streak.

NESN Nation's Dan Duquette feels like both teams can claim to have played well enough to win, so it's not all bad that the Bruins at least walk away from this one with one point. But Pavel Datsyuk was too much for the B's and had a highlight-reel goal in regulation and in the shootout.

For that, Datsyuk wins NESN Nation's "Show Stopper" player of the game award. It's been a while since we've been forced to award it to an opposing player, but on Friday it feels like Datsyuk was deserving.

Who is your "Show Stopper" player of the game?

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