Kevin Youkilis Reveals Billy Joel’s Piano Man ‘Brings Tear to His Eye’ in Red Sox Small Talk (Video)

Kevin Youkilis is a burly and bruising figure, definitely someone you wouldn't want to get angry out of fear he might charge you like an opposing pitcher.

While Youk may appear to be a fierce, grizzly person on the outside, the Red Sox third baseman is really a very gentle and compassionate person. His preference in musical selection is a perfect example of his softer side, as the hulking home run hitter revealed his favorite song is actually Billy Joel's Piano Man.

Youkilis explained that he has a unique fondness for Joel's music and even revealed that that song in particular brings a tear to his eye.

The revelation came as part of a question and answer series that Youkilis did during a recent episode of Red Sox Small Talk. This segment also covers who Youk thinks is the fastest player on the Red Sox and a whole lot more insight into his life. Check out the video above for all of those questions and more.


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