David Ortiz Complains to Reporters About Reporters Manufacturing Controversy (Video)


There has to be a little irony in the fact that David Ortiz took a chance to vent his frustrations about reporters drumming up controversy — by going on a tirade to reporters, as he did Thursday.

Well, rather than being a case of controversy begetting controversy, NESN.com's Didier Morais thinks that Ortiz's rant may have been a little more premediated than it seemed. Was Ortiz' outpouring of emotion just taking an opportunity to deflect attention away from his teammated on onto the shoulders of the burly first baseman? Maybe we'll never know, but the Red Sox' bats certainly did look a little more comfortable in the team's 8-4 win over the Atlanta Braves Saturday evening.

Watch the video above to hear Morais give his take on Ortiz and what he means to the Red Sox.

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