George Kottaras Leaves Red Sox ‘West Coast Crushed’ While Leading Spectacular Romp (Video)


The Red Sox might want to consider taking their ball and going home.

Whatever is going on for the Sox on this West Coast road trip is clearly not good, and it showed after a 20-2 rout by the Oakland A’s on the heels of a sweep by the Los Angeles Angels.

What made this particular beating even worse — besides the margin of victory — was that practically all of the damage was done by former Sox players, led by George Kottaras and Josh Reddick. Kottaras, who isn’t known for his power, lauched two home runs against the hapless Boston pitchers, so he is NESN Nation’s “West Coast Crushed” player of the game. Who’s yours?

Who is your “West Coast Crushed” player of the game?

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