Buchholz to Make '09 Debut in Toronto Red Sox manager Terry Francona announced Sunday that Clay Buchholz will be making his 2009 debut in Toronto Friday against the Blue Jays. He will not take anyone’s place in the rotation; it will merely be a spot start to give the starting five a bit more rest.

“Some of the reason behind [pitching Buchholz] is, with two starters at the All-star game, there was going to be a lot of ‘not sure what’s going to happen,'” Francona said. “So we wanted to line everybody up and not have anybody leave and not have to tell [John] Smoltz, “Watch the All-star game and if [Tim Wakefield] pitches, you throw a side after the game.

“We’re trying to incorporate rest, trying to keep everyone consistent. We’re real comfortable with this setting up.”

That, and Buchholz simply deserves a shot with the big club, after tearing up Triple-A ball all season long.

“We wanted to see [Buchholz] pitch, too,” Francona admitted. “Coming out of the break, that’s typically a tough game. I think it just will help us all the way around.”