Fenway Faithful Give Nomar What He Deserves

by abournenesn

Jul 7, 2009

Fenway Faithful Give Nomar What He Deserves The baseball season is undoubtedly a long one, yet every now and
then, something special happens and creates an unforgettable memory. That happened Monday, when Nomar Garciaparra made his return to Fenway Park.

What was obviously an emotional night for Nomar was enhanced by the fans, who gave him a proper return.

The picture of the week is from 13 years ago in Pawtucket. A younger Nomar and a much younger Don Orsillo.

What was it like to see Nomar Garciaparra back at Fenway
Park? Did you get goosebumps when he got an extended standing ovation
before his first at-bat?
–Stephanie, Medfield, Mass.

It was great. The Fenway faithful always do it right. I think there
is no better crowd than Fenway in the major leagues. Again and again,
over the years, they have stepped up and given their appreciation in
right spots. I think of when opponents have been cheered throughout the
years like Cal Ripken in his last season and Joe Torre after battling cancer. They get it.

Monday night was pretty cool. I have known Nomar for 13 years. He
arrived with the PawSox in 1996, my first season in Triple-A. The hype
was off the charts, and he quickly was a major league All-Star.

I was shocked when he was traded away. At the time, I remember
thinking the Red Sox are now weaker offensively. As it turned out, the
defense meant more in the end.

I am glad he had this opportunity to return to Fenway and now will have some closure for himself with Red Sox Nation.

John Smoltz hasn’t pitched terrible, but he hasn’t pitched
great, either. When do you think he’ll notch his first win for the Red
–John, Dover, Del.

I think he is still trying to find his way. He was off for so long
that you can’t help but think this is still like spring training a bit
for him. I know he had all the rehabs, but really, nothing can compare
to the adrenaline and anxiety that he has to have now that he’s back
pitching competitively in the majors and for a new team.

I imagine he is trying to do too much, trying to prove that he is
still the Hall of Fame pitcher he was and trying to prove all doubters
wrong, especially the Braves.

I think because he is, by all accounts, healthy, he will turn this
around as time goes on. He has had good innings but has not been able
to put together a full outing at least in two of the three that he has
pitched. The middle outing was going very well when the rain arrived in

The Red Sox are just 2-3 since giving up a nine-run lead and
falling to the Orioles 11-10. Have you ever seen a crazier finish than
that? Have the Sox regained their focus, or is that the kind of game
that could come back to bite the team?
–Paul, Falmouth, Mass.

I don’t think so. I think that is the type of win that is more
important for the Orioles. Those types of wins can go a long way. If
you get down again, you know it can be done.

For the Red Sox, winning the next day was all that mattered, and
they did. The one area of concern was that we saw the bullpen implode
for the first time.

You get the feeling lately that the Red Sox, like most teams this
time of year, need the All-Star break. The problem with this stretch is
that it is important because of all the home games you need to win in
this long homestand against teams you should beat.

With Mike Lowell still recovering and Jeff Bailey on the DL,
the Red Sox are a little thin in the infield. Are they still actively
looking for another bat?
–Jerry, Bristol, R.I.

Injuries can change your perspective in a heartbeat. Last week, I
said no. This week I say … maybe! Who knows by next week where I will
be on this?

You cannot forecast injuries or how they will affect your roster
until they happen, and then you see obvious holes quickly. You hope the
stopgaps are effective and can hold you over, i.e., Nick Green.

I think if the Red Sox can find another bat that does not cost them
more than one major pitching prospect, it is possible. I am sure every
conversation Theo Epstein has with other teams starts with his young pitching.

In the absence of Jerry Remy how many different partners have you had this season from spring training on?
–Christine, Newton, Mass.

With the weekend series done by “The Mayor” Sean Casey,
the new number (drum roll please) is 22. That includes writers and
front office guests who have helped analyze in-game. I thank them all
for helping us out.

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