Ramiro Polls the Nation: Who Should Boston Trade For? There is one question that’s all the rage right now in Red Sox Nation: Who should Boston trade for?

JAMN 94.5’s Ramiro roamed Yawkey Way on Saturday prior to Boston’s 7-2 win over Baltimore in search of an answer.

Roy Halladay is essentially out of the question — Boston’s pitching, which features Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, doesn’t seem to be the big issue. General manager Theo Epstein isn’t keen on the idea of lifting his best prospects for Toronto’s ace — and the fans, it seems, are in agreement.

“I like who we have,” a fan said. “We just have to get our hitting back.”

Boston’s offense, on the other hand, could benefit from a spark. The Nation has some ideas about who could make an impact in Terry Francona‘s lineup.

Mike Lowell for Chipper Jones,” one fan suggested.

“I hate to admit that I’d like to see A-Rod get the job,” another said.

“You don’t want Manny back,” one fan pointed out, “but something like that — something that’s got some pop in the bat.”

Ramiro, however, has an idea of his own: Clay Buchholz and Jonathan Papelbon in exchange for Doc Halladay.

You can check out all the proposed trades here: