Red Sox Just Not Good Enough Against Angels in Anaheim Thursday night, the umpires were to blame.

Friday night, there was no one to blame but the Red Sox themselves.

Boston fell into a 2-0 hole against Los Angeles in the ALDS after a tough Angels lineup victimized Josh Beckett and the Red Sox offense fell flat against a dominant Jered Weaver. Now, their backs are against the wall, and they must win on Sunday when Clay Buchholz takes the mound at Fenway Park.

“[The Angels] executed very, very well,” Red Sox manager Terry Francona said during Friday’s edition of Red Sox Extra Innings. “Weaver wasn’t pitching out of the stretch very much. …We didn’t square up a lot of balls.”

The offense is batting .133 in the ALDS — that’s less than half of what its regular-season average was. Jacoby Ellsbury is the lone hitter with more than one hit in the series. Will the Sox get it together in time to salvage this postseason?

“I certainly hope so,” Francona said. “What we’ll try to do is win the next game and play. That’s what we always do. We’ve had a tough time these last two games, swinging the bat. That’s an understatement.”

Until then, history seems to be rewriting itself for these two teams, and it isn’t pretty for the Red Sox.

You can watch Francona’s full postgame news conference here: