Upcoming Sabres Game to Test Bruins' Mettle On Sunday’s edition of SportsDesk, NESN insider James Murphy joined Jade McCarthy along with The Buffalo News’ Mike Harrington to preview Monday’s Bruins-Sabres tilt.

Murphy speaks about how the Bruins have gained confidence and the understanding that the past is in the past — it’s time to look ahead.

Discussion turned to Marc Savard and whether he should forgive and forget — something Savard is currently unwilling to do.

“He has to be angry,” Murphy said. “As he said, it was a cheap shot; it was an intent to injure.”

The upcoming Sabres game will be a test of Boston’s new mettle, as “the Bruins have proven that they have a tough time following up the big win with another,” Murphy noted.

Harrington said the B’s will have their hands full with Buffalo despite the team’s secure playoff berth. “They really, really, really want to win this division,” Harrington told McCarthy.

Harrington named Milan Lucic as a player to watch, saying he is “one of these guys that really bothers Buffalo” due to Lucic’s ability to be physical with the Buffalo forwards.

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