World Champion of Four Square Crowned in Maine Bridgton, Maine, doesn’t seem like the sports capital of the world by any means, but once a year, competitors from all over (this year featured two young teammates from California) come to face off against each other to see who can call themselves the world champions of four square.

It all started with Peter Lowell. With the winters bringing him down, he looked back to his childhood to find warmth in his memories of the old schoolyard game. After scouring the Internet and not finding a single world championship tournament, he figured there was no better place to hold one than right in his backyard in Bridgton.

Peter soon stumbled upon Sean Effel, a community organizer in Boston who was looking for a little bit of stability when he started his little four square league. He noticed that people in their 20s and 30s are constantly on the go and changing their lives almost daily, and he thought that by bringing people together through four square, the participants would create their own community, making up for something that is missing in today’s society.

The rules are simple: Start in the one square, get to the four square, and every serve you make gets you a point. You can only hit the ball with your hands. The outside lines are in play, and the inside lines are out of play. Defend your square, and stay on your toes.

Check out the video below to experience the action for yourself.