Sixty Percent of Fans Say David Ortiz Will Hit Fewer Than 20 Home Runs David Ortiz
hit his first home run of the season on Friday against the Orioles, a sign that he may be coming out of his early season slump.

However, the majority of Red Sox fans indicated expecting more than 30 home runs from Ortiz may be unrealistic.

According to Saturday’s kgb Poll Question, 60 percent of fans said Big Papi will hit between 10 to 20 home runs this season. Forty percent of fans said the former five-time All-Star will hit 20 to 30 homers, while zero percent indicated Ortiz would hit more than 30 home runs.

Kathryn Tappen asked Jim Rice about Ortiz’s 2010 home run total  on Saturday’s edition of Red Sox Final.

“The confidence is there,” Rice said. “[Ortiz] can hit home runs, but he’s not necessarily a home run hitter.”

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