Celtics Must Continue to Keep Orlando Out of its Rhythm The Celtics have won five straight games for the first time in five months — and they’re doing it at the perfect time.

On Tuesday, Boston took a 2-0 lead in its Eastern Conference finals series against Orlando, becoming just the sixth team in NBA  history to open a series on the road with back-to-back wins. It seems that this inconsistent team is finally hitting its stride — a trend that started doing with time winding down in the regular season, according to NESN insider Dana Barros.

“All year, we’ve been talking about injuries and inconsistencies, on and off the court … but the last three weeks or month of the season, I really felt them starting to gel,” Barros told Cole Wright on Wednesday’s edition of SportsDesk. “I really felt like at that time that’s when the Big Three said, ‘Hey, little guy, [Rajon] Rondo, baby boy, take us to the promised land. We’re going to put the ball in your hands.’ And that’s what really started the transformation.”

Rondo has certainly been a component of Boston’s success, but so has the Green’s defense, which has either stymied Dwight Howard, or held the other four guys on the court at bay. Howard dropped 30 points and pulled down eight rebounds on Tuesday, but the rest of the Magic were virtually ineffective.

“If you look at everyone else on [Orlando’s] roster, they’re playing out of their rhythm,” Barros said. “They’re used to shooting open 3-point shots. … The rhythm is off for them, and I’d love to see Dwight Howard go off for 30 again and see the other guys struggle from the perimeter.”

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