Lack of Run Support Problematic for Zack Greinke The Royals’ Zack Greinke has struggled with run support this year, and also had some issues with it in 2009 when he was able to pull out a Cy Young award victory.

The lack of run support this year for the right-hander, just 1-5 on the season, might be enough to derail another Cy campaign.

“One thing you worry about a little bit … he got frustrated, his home run rate is up 2 1/2 times from the past,” NESN baseball analyst Peter Gammons noted on Red Sox GameDay Live on Saturday. “I think that’s more a freak of nature, but I’m just hoping he doesn’t get frustrated from all the tough games.”

“You feel bad,” Kevin Millar added, talking about what it’s like as a hitter to not produce for the starting pitcher. “We’re trying to hit. We don’t dislike you!”

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