Clay Buchholz's Injury Further Evidence Against Interleague Play  Jerry Remy
has always disliked interleague play, and Clay Buchholz‘s injury Saturday has given him even more reason to feel that way.

Buchholz left his start Saturday after coming up lame running the bases in the top of the second inning in the Red Sox’ 4-2 win over the Giants in San Francisco.

“I’ve always been against interleague play, I’ve never liked it for a number of reasons,” Remy told Cole Wright on SportsDesk. “This is a good example of when you don’t do things all the time, things happen to you.”

“Pitchers, they practice bunting, hitting, but they don’t practice base running,” Remy explained. “When you get on the bases, it’s different actions than what they’re used to it. Unfortunately, these things happen.”

To see more of the conversation, check out the video below.