On Friday, former Red Sox prospect Engel Beltre hit a walk-off home run to propel his Single-A Bakersfield squad to a win. It’s not often that a walk-off homer incites a brawl, but Beltre’s did just that.

Beltre, who plays for the Texas Rangers and was traded in a package for reliever Eric Gagne, openly taunted his opponents from Visalia (the Diamondbacks’ affiliate) walking off the field as he rounded the bases.

Players from Visalia were none too happy, and started going after Beltre. That’s when the team-wide scrum ensued.

Once the brawl quieted down, Beltre stomped down on home plate and shouted a few more choice words, causing umpires and coaches from both sides to rush to avoid yet another brawl.

Something tells us the Rangers will be giving Beltre a little heart-to-heart soon.