Patriots, Logan Mankins May Be Laying Groundwork for New Deal The contract dispute the Patriots and offensive guard Logan Mankins may soon be coming to an end, despite widespread pessimism that a deal may never be reached.

Mankins continues to hold out for a new contract from the Patriots, and while he’s been gone, “he said, he said” reports have flown around.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft addressed and denied those rumors on Monday, trying to put them to rest — perhaps in an attempt to try and reconcile the situation with his guard.

The Boston Globe’s Shalize Manza Young and Patriots reporter Jeff Howe were guests on Monday night’s NESN Daily to discuss the situation, and both are now optimistic a deal may be imminent.

“I think this might be laying the groundwork to get a deal done,” Manza Young said of what Kraft said. “I think Logan’s realizing how much he’s missing football, how much he misses his teammates, and this team is going to need him.”

“It’s probably only a matter of time before they get him signed and get him back into the locker room,” Howe said after revealing he thought a deal may never get done until Monday.

To see all of what both had to say, check out the video below.