Andy Brickley Believes Hockey Does Not Need a Coaches' Challenge While a recent play involving Toronto right wing Colton Orr has sparked discussion of bringing a coaches' challenge into hockey, Bruins analyst Andy Brickley believes it would not be a good addition to the game.

Every Thursday, Brick answers one question from a Bruins fan during the on-air broadcast. This week, BergFan from AZ asked Brick if a coaches' challenge would be a good idea for the league.

While it would have helped in Florida's situation against the Maple Leafs on Tuesday, as Orr's goaltender interference went unnoticed by refs and allowed Toronto's winning goal, Brick believes a coaches' challenge would slow the game down too much.

Brick's counterpart, Jack Edwards, added his input on the topic as well.

To hear the entire analysis, check out the video below.