Kevin McHale Hops on Miami Heat Bandwagon As a member of the original Celtics Big Three, you would think Hall of Famer Kevin McHale would be in support of Boston as the top Eastern Conference contender this season.

However, that is just not the case.

According to McHale, he's been "chugging the Miami Heat Kool-Aid" and can't seem to get enough of LeBron James and the new Big Three.

"I've jumped all over the LeBron James bandwagon and I can't get off of it," McHale said on Monday night's edition of NESN Daily.

When asked which teams he believed would be in the NBA Finals next spring, McHale predicted Miami and the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he did say his predictions could be subject to change in a matter of weeks.

We'll have to see if the Heat live up to McHale's expectations in Tuesday's season opener at the TD Garden.

Check out his entire prediction in the video below.