'The Program' Provides Leadership Development for Professional and Collegiate Teams Former Marine Eric Kapitulik was hiking Mt. Everest when he received an e-mail from Bruins assistant general manager Don Sweeney. Kapitulik was called in to lead the Bruins rookies through two difficult days in development camp, hoping to strengthen and develop their mental game.

Bruins rookies Jordan Caron, Tyler Seguin and Joe Colborne all agreed that the toughest days of development camp were with Kapitulik and 'The Program.' That being said, it was also one of the most successful efforts in building team chemistry and leadership skills.

Kapitulik has worked with several sports teams across the country, from high school all the way up to professional athletic programs. The goal of 'The Program' is to provide "leadership development, personal development and team building through shared facing adversity," according to Kapitulik.

To learn more about Kapitulik and 'The Program,' be sure to watch the video from Shining City below.