Shaquille O'Neal Enjoys the Sounds of Boston From His New Apartment If you're a current resident of the Back Bay in Boston, look out for your new neighbor. He's over seven feet tall and goes by the name of Big Shamrock.

Shaquille O'Neal took viewers on a house hunting excursion during his episode of After the Game: Work Hard, Live Well, Give Back, and settled on a nice Boston brownstone for his second home in Massachusetts.

Shaq definitely enjoys Boston living. While sitting in the living room of his new apartment, Shaq was at peace listening to the sounds of the traffic going by.

"Love that sound," he said. "Boston, gotta love it: Clam chowder, the sounds and good people."

To see more of Shaq's new digs, check out the video from After the Game: Work Hard, Live Well, Give Back below.