For Patriots running back Kevin Faulk, there's no doubt in his mind that he wants to return to the gridiron. His body, on the other hand, may have other plans.

The 12-year veteran stopped in during a recent edition of NESN Daily to discuss his future in professional football. While he knows in his mind that he wants to play again, the serious knee injury he suffered earlier in the season has definitely taken a toll on the 34-year-old.

Faulk told NESN's Jade McCarthy that helping on the sidelines has become his way of staying involved with the team, and has questioned whether or not coaching is in the near future.

"In my mind, as a competitor I want to come back and play football," Faulk said. "But I gotta be thankful and very patient about what I'm doing because the injury I had was very serious."

To hear more from Faulk, check out the video above on NESN Daily.