There's plenty a baseball player can learn from Pawtucket's new hitting coach Chili Davis, who was known for his solid swich-hitting throughout his 19-year career. What outfielder Darnell McDonald didn't know, is that he also had a tough streak.

During a mic'd up session at practice on Friday morning, McDonald ran into Davis — who is Pawtucket's new hitting coach — in the outfield and started talking about the crushing collision with then-catcher Mike Scioscia in 1986.

McDonald was awestruck by the hit, asking Davis if he played any football in his day while comparing him to Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis.

Always a fun player to follow around the field, McDonald also teased teammate Jarrod Saltalamacchia for his extra-long last name, which is the longest in the MLB.

"They charge you extra for that?" he asked, while examining the back of the catcher's jersey.

Check out the full mic'd up session with McDonald in the video above from Red Sox Live.