Kevin Youkilis Keeps Things Local With Offseason Workout Program at Cressey Performance

For Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis, the offseason is no time to rest. In fact, it’s the time where he does the bulk of his workouts to prepare for the season ahead.

Youk gets his daily offseason workouts in locally, making the short trek to Hudson, Mass., where he works out with high-performance trainer Eric Cressey, at Cressey Performance.

Youkilis spent his second straight offseason working out with Cressey after the 2010 season, and he receives a personalized evaluation before establishing a training program. This year, Cressey took Youk’s recent hand injury into account, setting up specific exercises to prepare Youk for a successful year.

“I try to get in the best shape possible for a long season,” Youkilis said. “It doesn’t matter what position I’m playing, it’s the same, grueling season … If you put yourself in the best, physical well-being, you’re going to be able to get over those [little] injuries a lot quicker.”

To see some of Youk’s hard work put in during the offseason, check out the video above.