Brain injuries have become an all too common occurrence in sports today, and here in Boston, fans have become familiar with the damage they cause for some of the league's top athletes.

Children's Hospital Boston has a special Brain Injury Program that is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of brain injuries in children. The program features a long-term follow-up clinic, as well as a concussion clinic that sees more than 225 patients per month.

NESN has been working with the Brain Injury Program from its foundation, helping fund the development of the program to what it's become today. On Tuesday, NESN, along with Hess and the Boston Bruins Foundation, donated $50,000 to the Brain Injury Program to further its incredible mission in helping children with brain injuries.

NESN president and CEO Sean McGrail stopped in during the Bruins first intermission to discuss the advancement with Dr. David P. Mooney and Bruins Foundation director of development Bob Sweeney.

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