The Bruins dispatched one rival on Wednesday night when they sent the Canadiens back to Montreal for the summer. Now, the B's must quickly shift their attention to another adversary — the Philadelphia Flyers.

The two teams won't drop the puck in the Eastern Conference semifinals until Saturday afternoon, so until then, plenty of talk will center around the Bruins' quest for revenge following last year's epic playoff collapse.

Still, while the B's and their fan base would like nothing more than a little revenge, president Cam Neely was quick to put things in perspective.

"We don't have the same team we had last year, and I'm sure Philly doesn't have the same exact team either," he said after his team's 4-3 win at the Garden. "It's certainly going to be mentioned a lot, and talked a lot about, but first and foremost, we have to be concerned with ourselves and how we play in that first game."

To hear more reaction, as well as get a preview of the series from NESN Daily analyst Lyndon Byers, check out the video above.