The Adrian Gonzalez era in Boston couldn't have started any better than Friday's two-hit, three-RBI performance for the new Red Sox first baseman. Jerry Remy says what he's seen of Gonzalez reminds him of another Boston slugger from the past.

Remy was on Red Sox First Pitch on Saturday night, and he said that Gonzalez's approach to hitting and style at the plate are reminiscent of the work Manny Ramirez once did in a Red Sox uniform.

"He reminds me of a Manny Ramirez hitting from the right side," Remy said. "Manny was very quiet in everything that he did and then exploded to the baseball. That's the same way Adrian Gonzalez is from the left side of the plate. … We're in for a treat to watch this guy hit all season long."

For more from Remy, check out the video above.