Peter Gammons: Red Sox ‘Cruise Control’ Mode From Spring Training Lingers on Opening Day


Jon Lester has struggled in his early starts throughout his career, and unfortunately, this year was no different.

Boston's ace gave up three home runs in five innings pitched during the Red Sox' Opening Day matchup against the Rangers, striking out none while hitting two batters. Nothing from his stat line was what Sox fans are used to seeing from the lefty, and Red Sox analysts Peter Gammons and Dennis Eckersley pointed out a few reasons why Lester and the Sox came away with a 9-5 loss.

According to Gammons, the Red Sox have been on "cruise control" over the last 10 games of spring training, and said that the "slow motion"-style of play continued in Friday's matchup. Gammons also added, however, that he believes spring training is too long, and says you can't blame the Red Sox for falling into cruise control mode.

Gammons and Eckersley both had positive things to take away from the matchup despite the loss, and they both believe Lester will find his rhythm in the coming weeks.

"It's hard to get into a flow right from jump street at the start of the season to do exactly what you do in midseason form," Eckersley said. "It happens to a lot of guys, and it's just one ballgame."

To hear more from Eckersley, Gammons and Lester himself, check out the video above from Red Sox Extra Innings Live.

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