Tim Thomas made a bold proclamation in the wake of the Bruins’ Game 4 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday. He said that the Bruins will win the series.

There would obviously be concern if Thomas didn’t think the Bruins were going to win, but his bluntness about the matter may have come as a bit of a surprise. Athletes will a lot of times refrain from making predictions about the result of a series.

NESN’s Andy Brickley likes Thomas’ confident statement, though. While it may be bulletin board material for the Lightning going forward, Brickley said there are no more secrets when it comes to being this deep in the playoffs. He said he would want his goaltender to have that kind of confidence and would have his back as a teammate.

To hear what else Brickley and Gord Kluzak had to say about Thomas’ prediction, check out the video above from Bruins Face-Off Live.