If the Yankees retaliate to David Ortiz' bat flip following a home run on Tuesday, it could come in the form of an A.J. Burnett fastball on Wednesday. Or the Yankees could wait, and maybe not retaliate at all, which could make the threat linger in the minds of Red Sox hitters.

NESN's Jerry Remy said that the threat of retaliation does hang over the heads of hitters as they step into the box because they never quite know if they're going to be the one to get hit. He also said, though, that it's a much different game than when he played because you can never be quite sure what upsets players now.

Remy said he expects the Yankees to respond in some way, though, especially given the Red Sox' success against them thus far.

To hear what else Remy had to say about the incident and what the Yankees might do, check out the video above from Red Sox First Pitch.